Burrito Brothers is a local Gainesville, Florida hole in the wall which has captured a cult-like following with the University of Florida alumni since it opened in 1976. It is a hidden gem attached to the back of the Presbyterian Student Center on University Avenue that has amazing tasting food at reasonable prices, yet lacking a visual identity. They have one large laminated menu on the wall placed awkardly to the side. For new customers, it can be challenging to read while ordering from the window. Keeping the no-frills, low-budget production in mind, the Burrito Brothers rebrand includes an updated logomark, a trifold handheld menu, an environmental facelift, and a packaging solution to sell their famous Red Sauce that customers could enjoy from home after ordering their frozen burritos in the mail from Burrito Brothers.


Competitors include several mexican or tex-mex chain restuarants that are within a 5 minute walk. Chipotle and Moe’s have a more corporate feel, while Tijuana Flats is very eclectic. Leonardo’s by the slice and Satchel’s Pizza are two other well known local Gainesville restaurants that have a very illustrative feel which is similar to Burrito Brothers’ initial logomark. But unlike Burrito Brothers, these restaurants carry the illustrative, hand written style throughout their menu. Their previous logomark was more of an illustration and many customers did not recognize it. Other problems with the logomark include too many colors, not economical to print, and potentially racist with two Mexican men leaning on a cactus.

A few sketches and process work for new identity. The final logomark is simple, yet reminiscent of the former. Cacti metaphorically represent the two brothers and the omission of ‘taco co.’ due to lack of importance of the brand. Two colors, a deep red and warm orange, were chosen to complement the natural brick existing building and warm, spicy tex-mex colors.